2D/3D Animation

2D and 3D animations and models made for fun and for work.


3D models created on Autodesk’s browser-based CAD program, which I began learning and teaching in 2020.


Experiments with Scratch and MIT App Inventor incorporating original drawings and sound effects. 2020 and onward.

The following are simple 2D animations from 2015-16, made on the open-source program ‘Pencil.’

“A Monument to our Sins”

My first attempt at an animation experiment longer than 4 seconds, ‘A Monument’ tells the sadly true story of two titans battling dangerously close to Washington’s Pillar. Watch The Ne’er-Do-Wells’s Angus ‘The Überjack” Henderson and his rival Cerebralsaurus Rex destroy important architecture and break each other’s hearts as well. Featured below are some screenshots, and the full video in four parts.


A short animated music video of sorts, drawn in the spring of 2015. Boanna is one of the heroes in The Ne’er-Do-Wells story, and I have just about as many conflicting feelings about her as she has about herself. So I made this thing to try and cope with them. Excerpts and screenshots from the video itself can be found… below.

“The Ballad of Vaugn Schtnitzen, Part II: The Sword”

A short animation featuring the hero and heroine of one of my comic projects, confronting the greatest evil of all: marriage.

“Own Worst Enemy”

I’ve always been a chronic diarist, and it occurred to me that there was some content from these diaries that I could do something with. In my dreams, in life, and in these books I always appear as these different.. versions, of the same person, at odds and sometimes at war with each other. And yet they coexist in the same space that is me. What better medium to illustrate this multiplicity of identities, than in the creation of a fake arcade fighting game featuring as many of these figures as I could find?

'Own Worst Enemy' Cover