Cartoons, Comics and Zines

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In this gallery you’ll find snippets of all these categories- from character concepts to self-contained narratives, to excerpts from some of my longer works from 2010 onward.

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‘The Great Gatsby’

From my junior to senior year of high school (2010-11), I undertook the onerous task of not writing, but illustrating the ‘great American novel.’ In 80 ballpoint pages and a manga-inspired style, I presented my own vision of Fitzgerald’s defining work, whose rich imagery we had been dissecting in class. I still do not know how to draw a Coupe, but I promise that no DiCaprios or Redfords were harmed in the making of this graphic novel. Should you wish, you can find all 80 pages posted individually in a gallery on my deviantART.

‘I Used To Be Somebody’

‘A Memoir, Partly in Fantasy, Part Diary, With Elements of an Essay… In Short, a Graphic Novel’

Presented as my undergraduate English thesis in 2015, this hybrid graphic novel/memoir/visual essay chronicles my experience of synthesizing an individual, queer identity through art and illustration, manga and video games. It focuses on the years between my middle and high school, where I spent every night writing a story that would never be written. From there, I continue to describe how my tendency toward diary-keeping and self-inserting fed into my current passion for storytelling through tabletop role-playing games. Included here are selections from the 66 graphite pages.

“The Ballad of Vaugn Schtnitzen”

(working title)

… Is an Epic Narrative starring a character I never got to use in an RPG a Hero who Dares to Defy the Laws of Society and Nature in order to Protect his People. He Alone has chosen to Prostrate himself to the Rigid Grip of Fate, to Engorge himself with Magical Energy in order to Stand, Towering, in Battle against the Great Beasts that plague his land and prey upon his kind. Any ongoing exploration in mixed media.