Digital, 2015
“Dismissed by the Academy and Disillusioned by the Art and Artists of his day, Dyckmalion retreated into his studio. There were visions of true beauty: there, he plunged into the landscapes of his own mind and the minds of men- manscapes, as he called them- and brought back treasures to the corporeal world that only he, with his second sight, could unearth. His work reflects the horrors he’s seen; writhing serpents, winged dragons, pulsing tentacled masses of flesh and those beasts whose existences the sane deny. He vowed to glorify his craft, to construct the most powerful, lively, virile symbol of the human soul that man ever did dare to dream. It needed not to move or to speak; its existence was enough for Dyckmalion, and the knowledge that he had pumped life into it with both his hands. Will the Old Gods give life to this monstrosity?”