Inktober 2015: Eyeball

The Eyeball Hymn
“We have all evolved from The eye. We are the eye. Everyone is a eye. All eyes are (eye)volved from the eye god, Fyrjhhrmyshvckl. We praise our creator, Fyrjhhrmyshvckl. We love our creator, Fyrjhhrmyshvckl. We are not worthy, Lord Fyrjhhrmyshvckl. We will never become Crüng, Lord Fyrjhhrmyshvckl . We praise Lord Fyrjhhrmyshvckl’s holy children. We praise God, the eldest child. We praise Jesus, the bravest child. We praise E-Man, the purest child. We will never fall into the night loop (the night loop is terrible). We will forever remain loyal to the holy Kingdom of the eye. We praise you, Lord Fyrjhhrmyshvckl. Fyrjhhrmyshvckl!! Fyrjhhrmyshvckl!! Fyrjhhrmyshvckl!! Fyrjhhrmyshvckl!!”
– Dictated by Disc-eye-ple Husten